Foley, Smit, O'Boyle & Weisman



Allison J. Weisman

Allison J. Weisman is a graduate of Hofstra Law School and admitted to practice in New York State. Ms. Weisman is an acknowledged contributing editor for Prof. Eric Lane in the research and publication of the Legislative Process Case Book.

Ms. Weisman spent three years, while attending law school, working at both the New York and Nassau County offices of Foley, Smit, O'Boyle & Weisman. Ms. Weisman has lectured throughout the tri-state region with regard to the Board's implementation of both the Rocket Docket and CAPS. Ms. Weisman likewise has lectured extensively with respect to the proper preparation, execution and filing of PH16.2's, with a focus on effectuating judicious pre-trial defense strategy.

Most recently, Ms. Weisman has gained statewide recognition for implementing effective, strategic and successful defense of the COVID-19 claims.